Summer and Ice Cream

Festival, bon odori, ice cream.

It’s summer time!


the EYE

Narrow eyes

look at me 

tell me

that you will always love me

even though i will be



and useless 

Game Over

It is a huge tragedy, for mankind, and for the universe.

Please keep up your greed, and we will be game over, soon.

Love ME True


till death do us part ………………

fly me to the moon

fly ….. fly … fly me to the moon ……….


Spring!! Flowers!!!

They are not Sakura flower.

They are Ume flower.

Sakura and Ume are

different name for beauty of spring time.

Beauty and The Beast



When there is honey, there are bees

Where there is sugar, there are ants

Where there is a tree, there are caterpillars

Where there is beauty, there will be hungry fox waiting behind bushes ….